Best strategy games for iPad and iPhone

Many people think that videogames serve only to kill some time. But strategy games help to develop logical thinking and other mental abilities. These top 10 free games for iPhone and iPad are created for you to enjoy free time and get the maximum benefit of it.

What is a strategy game?

Strategic genre means games where player has to apply mental skills and tactical and logical abilities to win. You need to plan your actions to outthink one or several opponents. Good iPhone strategy games also require using your skills to explore a virtual world or manage economy. Most of them contain some element of warfare – your primary goal is to destroy the enemy. Players act in some restricted space (world) where they can control game units. Usually, you have to manage your resources so that to raise an army, build a city/castle/kingdom and achieve victory over the opponents by depriving them of all that.


The best iOS strategy games may be divided into:
  • Real-time ones (all players act simultaneously, e.g. the process is continuous);
  • Turn-based (one player has to wait until his opponents make a move). This type is considered to be more challenging and intellectual, because rivals have enough time for calculations and planning.

Some people also segregate tactics vs strategy, although both of them are used in most games. In two words, tactics is applied mostly in the real-time games, while strategy is used more frequently in turn-based types. Our top 10 strategy games for iPhone and iPad require both these methods to be used: it is more interesting and challenging.

The number of players is not limited: as a rule, there are two or up to eight users.

There are such subtypes of strategic games as:

  • 4X presupposes that you manage an empire and act according to the principle “explore, expand, exploit and exterminate”.
  • Artillery (close to shooting games);
  • RTS (real-time strategy);
  • MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) means that player controls one character in a team to destroy the rival’s army;
  • TTB (tactical turn-based);
  • Wargames (require more fighting than planning).
Regardless of types, best iPad strategy games are challenging and interesting each in its own way. They are perfect for people who prefer thinking to acting, like to relax and get rid of stress quickly. Now you may brainstorm in the most enjoying way.

Best iOS strategy games: possibilities and advantages

Video strategy is something more than just a game of chess. It involves different types of planning, helping you to develop tactical skills, get knowledge about economy and politics, learn to outthink and outrival. You may try your strength as a commander, city manager, king, architect and builder. The more complex game is, the more exiting it is.

There are also fun strategy games for iPhone and iPad where you don’t necessarily have to fight with anybody. Fulfill tasks, create traps and introduce ideas to develop faster than your enemy – do serious things with humor. Besides the wide range of various possibilities to play different roles and control numerous game units, strategic games have other advantages:

  1. They don’t require a lot of memory on your device.
  2. Best turn based strategy games for iPad and iPhone are played without rush: you have enough time to think, don’t need to act right now, may plan your actions as long as you want and analyze rival’s development and progress.
  3. Each game has the end. And it is definite: either you win, or your enemies. Thus, you don’t need to spend months and months for one game (round).
  4. On the other hand, top iPhone strategy games are so complicated and versatile that you may explore them for a long time, finding something interesting every day.
  5. We offer free iPhone strategy games. You have a possibility to try all of them in demo-mode before buying full versions (some of them are completely free of charge).

Moreover, strategic games are suitable for people of all ages. You just need to find the themes which suit you better: historical or mythological genres, adventure or reality – with the right atmosphere you will enjoy each minute spent. People who treat playing process as the way to relax will find our best strategy games on iPad and iPhone interesting and gripping.

If you want to try something new and experience what it is, see which top iPad strategy games we offer. These are the most popular and decent variants that will be enjoyable and catchy for you. In our chart we have gathered the best editions and versions. You don’t have to surf the net trying to dig out something worthy – this list is designed to help you make the right choice you won’t regret. Plus, you may read some additional information about each game and find links to AppStore.

We offer the best free strategy games iPhone and iPad compatible. Each of them is worth trying and exploring.